Lhasa Hotel in Tibet

Lhasa Hotel in TibetIf you want to plan your trip, you should choose your place to stay carefully. This will be your base for the trips around. If you’re going to stay in Tibet more than week or two, I suggest you to choose two or more hotels, so you can move on after couple of days.

Here is the first tip for a hotel
Lhasa Tibet Hotel

Official adress: 64 Beijing Middle Road, Lhasa 850001, China

I spent five nights at this Hotel as part of a Tibet Tour. Travel documents rate this hotel as four star, but you’ve to be realistic, you’ll probably not get the same what you’ll get in 5 stars hotel in Paris for example. Do not forget that this is 3500 m above sea level, and the country is poor compared to USA or Central Europe.

The hotel is constructed in all granite in shape of Potala Palace with comfortable environment and convenient transportation. It has 338 rooms and suites

This hotel is located few kilometers from the centre of Lhasa, but a taxi to anywhere in Lhasa is at fixed rate of 10 Chinese yuan which is currently about $1.3 US dollars I would say, this isvery cheap. And it’s an interesting trip to the centre of town.

All these rooms are equipped with private bathroom, central air conditioner, in-room safe, TV, refrigerator, etc.
The heat – the hotel was unheated, in December. But our room had large south-facing windows which warmed the room considerably in the afternoon, and the hotel provided us with a space heater if we wanted more heat. So try to choose south-facing room if you’ve the choice.

Breakfast is a lot better than I would imagine.

The front building of the hotel contains a small coffee shop. The staff is pleasant, the coffee good and the price is right. Internet at the hotel is also quite cheap, though the equipment is well aged, but again you are in Tibet. Also there are usual Electricity problems, but the hotel has it’s own power generator, which is usually up very quickly.

There are many small shops across the road with priced products and cheap water. – Yes I suggest you to buy a water in bottles in anywhere in Tibet to avoid very painful stomach problems. Although you can try a crystal clean water in river if you spot some. But you’ve been warned :)

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